Road Traffic related injuries are the leading cause of death for youth (age 5-29yrs) globally according to World Health Organization (WHO) Global Status Report on road safety- 2018. The YouRED Road Safety space is a platform for an individual youth, groups and organizations to advocate for road safety and mobility. The platform provides capacity development and advocacy to actualize your idea as we believe that local action is key in making the Nation’s and Region’s roads safer for everyone.

Our key thematic areas are founded on the following SDGs; 3-Good Health and Wellbeing, 4-Quality Education, 9-Industry, Innovations and Infrastructure and 11-Sustainable cities and communities.

In line with the Global Decade plan of Action for Road Safety –Safe system approach, YouRED Road Safety unit has been conducting awareness sessions on Road Safety crisis to advocate for safe road use and first aid awareness for Post-Crash response.

The road safety programs target adolescents and youth through by facilitating awareness sessions for pre- crash and First Aid for post-crash response. Some of the programs include in-school sessions with Red Cross Clubs on Basic First Aid and Road Safety using the Global Education tool- VIA developed by the Global Road Safety Partnership.

The unit continues to champion for meaningful youth engagement and support evidence based local action projects with the aim of halving road safety fatalities and injuries by 2030.

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