Contact Info
Martin Githome
Youth Peace Building & Conflict Prevention Officer

Martin is an experienced Peace and Conflict Resolution. Driven by passion, he takes pride in providing the best Conflict resolution possible. As a Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Officer, his goals include helping youth to peacefully resolve disputes and differences. In addition to his primary job functions, Martin has been recognized by Pax Christi International for his extraordinary commitment to Peace Journalism.

Martin has worked in the Peacebuilding industry for years, gaining experience in peacebuilding, youth development, conflict resolution and human rights. As a seasoned Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Volunteer Officer, he is passionate about advancing dispute resolution and mediation. In addition to Conflict resolution, he is also involved in Mental health and Peer Counseling. Outside of the office, Martin enjoys travelling, photographing and piano playing.

Martin is setting a new standard for how to solve disputes, understand conflict and accommodate diversity. His commitment to conflict resolution is changing the way youth handle disputes and cultural differences. As Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Volunteer Officer at Kenya Red Cross Youth, he specializes in Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention.

Martin has dedicated his career to helping youth with conflict resolution. As a professional mediator, Martin specializes in dispute resolution and youth development. He is certified in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution and earned his degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from St. Paul’s University.

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