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Synthia Ontita
Youth Livelihood Officer

Synthia is a driven and innovative individual who is deeply passionate about tackling economic and social problems by working with local, national, and international youths to come up with innovative solutions to empower them and the society at large. As a youth who works with fellow youth and adult allies to champion youth space in livelihoods and economic empowerment, Synthia is keen on achieving sustainable and resilient livelihoods in the communities championed by the youth.

Synthia has gained vast experience and knowledge by working in various organizations and with various experts and partners such as GiveDirectly, IREX, University of Sussex, USAID, Ford Foundation, Humentum, UN, Commonwealth Secretariat and others in Africa, MEN, LAC, UK, US regions and is very instrumental in the development, planning, implementation, and research in projects around livelihoods and economic empowerment for youth.

As the Livelihoods Youth Officer at Kenya Red Cross, Synthia is working to promote and advocate for improvement of the quality of life for the youth with a vision of creating the space where youth have the freedom, means and ability to live and prosper with dignity by championing and leading youth programs around livelihoods and youth economic empowerment at Kenya Red Cross. She also advocates for social and economic inclusion and increasing youth engagement and spaces in decision making and championing for social accountability.

During her free time she enjoys traveling, music (singing and playing musical instruments), and spending quality time with he close friends and family during her free time. She hopes to further enhance her skills and contribute to youth empowerment in the field of livelihoods.

If it is for the youth, it should be by the youth and with the youth.

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