Youth Empowerment and participation is very essential in causing transformation in Kenya. The population of youth make up approximately 75% of Kenya’s population making Kenya a youthful country yet a large percentage of this population experience difficulties with limited livelihood and economic empowerment opportunities. This means the youth lack adequate access to basic services such as education, decent housing, infrastructure, life skills, financial support among others. 

Young people need a youth platform and space where they can come together, speak powerfully, take the necessary action, inspire belief among each other to create an impact through youth-led development initiatives. Kenya Red Cross Society works to address the challenges young people face such as unemployment, inadequate access to livelihood and economic empowerment opportunities, representation and participation particularly in the informal settlement through the various initiatives and programs under livelihood and economic empowerment which contribute to the local and national youth prosperity. . This in the end achieves the below objectives:

Capacity Development

Youth have been capacitated to develop and implement sustainable youth-led projects responding to challenges and thereby contributing to national development in the youth space.

Local Action

New and already existing structures and networks for youth are developed or strengthened hence contributing to their engagement in the local, regional and national development.


Young people take action on challenges in their communities and speak up on youth issues through relevant bodies hence influence youth policy.

Initiatives / Programs

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